Finding the right size uniform for your growing children can be difficult. When will they grow out of it? Did they go up a size? What if it doesn’t fit? We have put together a helpful uniform buying guide to help you understand how to choose the right size.

How to correctly measure your children

Not sure where to start? Follow these easy tips to make measuring up a walk in the park. To keep it simple, we will start from the top and work our way down. Make sure to note down each measurement, so you know exactly what you should buy when you shop.

  1. Height: Start by having your child stand barefooted with their back to a wall. It is important for your child to stand up straight so you can get the most accurate measurement possible. Now measure from the top of their head to the ground and write this measurement down.
  2. Collar: Place the measuring tape around your child’s neck ensuring nothing is in the way. Do not wrap the tape too tightly as you want to have some wiggle room around the neck.
  3. Chest: Place the measuring tape under your child’s arms and around the thickest part of their chest. Make sure no other clothing, like a jumper or hoodie, are in the way as they will cause the measurements to be incorrect.
  4. Waist: Now measure your child’s natural waistline. A good reference point for finding the right spot is starting at the belly button. Again, make sure the tape measure isn’t too tight.
  5. Hips: Measure around the widest part of their hips and bottom, keeping the tape measure level all the way around.
  6. Inside Leg: For this step, your child will need to wear shoes and stand up straight. Place one end of the tape measure at the top of the inseam and measure straight down to around 5cm from the ground.

Uniform Buying Tips

  1. Have your child’s recent measurements at the ready.

  2. Check the school uniform requirements of your child’s school.

  3. Sew name tags into your child’s clothes so they can be found in the lost property if they go missing.

  4. Order early! Don’t leave it until the last minute, as retailers might not have stock of the correct uniform or sizing.

  5. Allow room for your child to grow. Buying a tight-fitting uniform means you will have to buy uniforms more frequently.

  6. If your child is in between sizes, look at buying trousers with an elastic waistband so they can grow with their trousers.

  7. Invest in good quality school clothes as this way they will last longer and can even be donated, sold or passed down to siblings/friends.

If you are still not sure which uniform to buy then please speak to your child’s school or give us a call on 613-248-1823 and we will be happy to give your guidance.