Benefits of School Uniforms

School colours tend to bring out the best in each student!

Each student is an individual with unique qualities, abilities, likes and dis-likes. The implementation of a school uniform or colours policy in no way takes away from a students’ individuality.

School Spirit

Everyone can see that wearing the same uniform or colours brings sports and activity teams together. Exactly the same is observed in a school with a uniform or school colour policy. Students feel they are all on the "same team" and there’s a very real increase in school spirit.

Sense of Belonging

When each student wears the same uniform/colours, that’s a very strong visual influence supporting a sense of belonging. The risk of being alienated over looking different is removed. Uniform clothing amongst students is so effective at making students feel "equal" and "the same" that it easily over-shadows any perceived difference between students with regard to appearance.

Curtailing Peer Pressure

Uniforms usually reduce the competition among students to wear certain (and nearly always expensive) brands of clothing. Over 75% of schools in uniform noted a reduction in peer pressure among their students after adopting a uniform policy.

Bolstering Self-Confidence

Many studies have shown that kids with high self-esteem perform better in school. By eliminating a reason to feel self-conscious, uniforms can help improve children’s self-confidence and may lead to greate class participation.

Improving the Learning Environment

Teachers surveyed say that uniforms promote a down-to-business approach. Kids view uniforms as work clothes and take school more seriously. 52% of pricipals surveyed said that uniforms has a positive effect on student achievement.

Classroom Discipline Improves

Almost 80% of schools with uniforms say classroom discipline has improved. Uniforms promote good behaviour and provide an improved environment for learning.

Keeping Students Safer

In those schools where gang-type activity is found in and around the school yard, school uniforms remove the visual influence of "gang colours" within the student body. Students are not at risk of being robbed of their "expensive" or "trendy" clothing. And perhaps the greatest benefit is that persons who do not belong to the school are easily spotted on school grounds! Do uniforms keep kids safer? 75% of schools with uniforms say yes.

Easing Parental Stress

We probably don’t have to say much here. Each parent knows what happens in the morning during the ritual of choosing clothes for the day. The elimination of stress about "what to wear" and the delays it creates in getting ready in the morning are always at the top of the list when parents are asked how school uniforms make life easier for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

School uniforms may be new to you, so take a look below and see. These are some of the questions we get asked the most about school uniforms.

How many uniforms should I buy for my child?

That answer is really up to you and depends on the likelihood of the child soiling the clothing. It also depends on the frequency that the uniform is worn. Anywhere from two (2) up to five (5) can be the right number for your student.

Where can I get embroidery on my uniforms?

For bulk orders of school clothing, all you have to do is supply us with the art work (Logo) and we will do the rest.

How can we buy uniforms for students that cannot afford them?

Our program automatically covers 2% of the order for this reason. A higher percentage can be worked out.

What are the most common colors for school uniforms?

Navy bottoms and white tops are the most commonly used colors for school uniforms. A lot of schools have also begun to use their school colors as their uniform colors. For instance, hunter green or maroon tops and black or gray bottoms.